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Bug Killer Light Indoor Outdoor

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Sunshine comes at a price - annoying bugs!

The Bug Killer Light emits a light that attracts insects, and when these pesky bugs approach, they are zapped and destroyed. Sit on your patio or at the fire pit in peace with your stylish Bug Killer Light in a convenient place.

Doubles up as a camping light and is USB rechargeable and completely portable with a long-lasting battery.



  • Modern - the insect zapper looks great while it traps mosquitos, gnats, fruit flies, and more.  Doubles up as a light with its LED lamp.  Great for indoors or outdoors.
  • Safe & quiet - chemical-free, LED violet light enjoyed by mosquitos lures them to the zapper, terminating them using a chemical-free dehydration method that is twice as effective as other bug zappers.  No scary zapping sounds or harmful effects on pets and children.  The Bug Killer Light is quiet when sleeping.
  •  Easy to clean - the removable cage is cleaned with soap and water and the principal parts are cleaned with a damp cloth. 


  • Rechargeable 2000 mAH battery 
  • 5 Wat Power
  • UV Light



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